Environment and society

We are committed to minimising any adverse effects of our activity on the environment to as low as reasonably possible by employing industry best practices.

For example, in 2007 and 2008 we compiled an environmental reconciliation plan on all our exploration blocks prior to our 2D seismic campaign in the Yema and Matamba-Makanzi (YMM) and Ndunda blocks. The Ministry of Environment in DRC approved the results of this study.

We commissioned level 1 and level 2 mine and unexploded ordnance surveys of our YMM and Ndunda (level 1 only) exploration areas, ensuring the areas were safe prior to conducting seismic operations.

In Burundi, an environmental impact assessment has been conducted for 2D seismic operations on the lake which included a survey of fishing villages and activity, and a water sampling and testing programme.